Toyota UK, which recently launched a plug-in version of the Prius, is working with energy supplier British Gas to offer customers free installation of a home charging point, plus free, limited-period access to the POLAR national network of public charging points.

Toyota said the free wallbox offer, available until 31 March 2015, has been made possible thanks to the government’s subsidised funding scheme to promote the take-up of electric vehicles. With the remainder of the cost offset by British Gas, the free offer is claimed to provide a charging package worth upwards of GBP1,333.

Such schemes help maximise zero-emissions EV performance, the automaker added. The plug-in Prius is good for a 15.5-mile range on a 90-minute charge according to its UK website.

The free home charging point offer includes a 16-amp data-enabled charging point with a connector suitable for the vehicle. The package includes a home survey prior to same-day installation to ensure suitability, undertaken by trained British Gas technicians.

The wallbox is connected to a dedicated circuit, separate from the home electrical circuit. There is also the option to pay for upgrades, including a 32 rather than 16amp point, and installation only, where the unit is replacing an existing charging point. To qualify for the offer, customers need to have off-street parking and appropriate permissions from the homeowner or landlord. The charge point is data enabled, so requires a suitable 02 [cellphone company] data network connection – the customer does not need to have an account with 02, simply their property needs to be able to receive the 02 signal. Similarly, they do not need to be British Gas energy customers.

Anyone taking up the offer will also be given free access to the POLAR national network of public charging and rapid charging points through to the end of March 2014.

The Prius Plug-in itself is eligible for the government’s UK Ultra-Low Carbon Vehicle Grant, which contributes GBP5,000 towards the on-the-road price, currently from GBP33,245.

Toyota, Nissan Motor, Honda and Mitsubishi Motors on Monday said they would work together to promote the installation of chargers for electric-powered vehicles and build a charging network service that offers more convenience to drivers in Japan.