Cumulative production of Toyota vehicles in North America has reached 10 million units.

Toyota began production in North America in December 1984 at New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. (NUMMI), a joint venture with General Motors Corporation (GM) in Fresno, California (starting with a Corolla derivative badged as the GM Chevrolet Nova).

The first Toyota built in North America was a Corolla FX, which came off the NUMMI line in September 1986, 15 years, 10 months before the 10 million mark was reached.

Production of Toyota vehicles in North America surged in 1988 with the opening of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky, Inc. (TMMK) and Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Canada, Inc. (TMMC), in Ontario.

Next, came the start of operations of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Indiana, Inc. (TMMI), in Indiana, USA, in 1998.

Toyota's annual production of approximately 14,000 units in 1986 rose to about 1.09 million units by 2001, spanning four TMC affiliates.

As part of its plans to increase annual production capacity in North America to 1.45 million units in 2003, Toyota strengthened its local efforts this year by launching production at NUMMI of the Toyota Voltz—jointly planned and developed by TMC and GM, as well as that of the Matrix at TMMC, which plans to begin making the RX300 SUV in 2003, becoming the first plant outside Japan to build a Lexus model.

Starting with Toyota Motor Manufacturing North America, Inc. (TMMNA)—a Kentucky-based company that overseas Toyota's North American manufacturing operations, three days of ceremonies beginning today will take place at the four TMC vehicle-making affiliates to celebrate reaching the 10 million unit milestone.

Among these, a special line-off ceremony is planned for later today at TMMK, which TMC honorary chairman Shoichiro Toyoda is expected to attend.


Production start

2001 production

Cumulative production*3

Current product lineup


Dec. 1984*1


3.3 million*2

Corolla, Tacoma, Voltz, GM Pontiac Vibe


May 1988


4.7 million

Avalon, Camry, Sienna


Nov. 1988


1.5 million

Corolla, Matrix, Camry Solara


Dec. 1998


0.5 million

Tundra, Sequoia

*1 Production of Toyota-brand vehicles started in September 1986; *2 Excluding GM-brand vehicles; *3 As of the end of June 2002; excluding GM-brand vehicles; all figures are approximates.