The Toyota Parts Centre South of France (TPCSF) was today officially inaugurated in Le Pouzin (Ardèche). Located some 130 km south of Lyon, the distribution centre will meet increasing consumer demand in the region. Toyota says that it will improve customer service by facilitating faster delivery, and further enhancing parts availability.

Toyota has invested 9.1 million euros in TPCSF, which currently employs 37 people. Toyota's total investment in France now amounts to about 750 million euros.

TPCSF will offer overnight delivery and speed up the delivery of parts and accessories to customers in southern France. The TPCSF facility - located in the "Parc Industriel Rhône Vallée" in Le Pouzin - measures 9,500m² and supplies up to 2.5 million individual parts per year. TPCSF is part of Toyota Logistics Services France (TLSFR), a subsidiary of TMME, created to oversee the activities of Toyota's operations in France.

The inauguration was attended, amongst others, by Akira Imai, TLSFR President and President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe Marketing and Engineering (TMME); Alain Martin, the Mayor of Le Pouzin; Michel Teston, President of the Ardèche General Council and Mr. Chambon, Vice-President of the Regional Council.

"Together with ED², our design centre in Nice, and our vehicle and engine plant at Valenciennes, in the north of France, TPCSF is yet further proof of our dedication to the French customer and the French work force and national economy," said Mr. Imai.