Toyota may cut temporary manufacturing jobs in the US if the downturn in the auto industry there deepens, the local manufacturing chief has said.

Toyota, which recently announced measures including consolidating Tundra large truck output at its Texas plant and switching a planned Mississippi plant from SUVs to hybrid cars, sees a possibility of temporary job reductions depending on a "fluctuation in the market," Steve St. Angelo, senior vice president of Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing in North America, told Reuters on the sidelines of an industry forum in Traverse City, Muchigan.

Temporary workers account for 10% of Toyota's 30,000-strong US manufacturing work force, the news agency report said.

St. Angelo also told Reuters that Toyota is considering exporting US-made vehicles abroad, adding that the automaker sees potentially good demand for the Tundra and large Sequoia SUV overseas.

Both models are built only in the US.