Toyota set a new US sales record in 2003, selling more than 1.85 million vehicles, executive vice president Jim Press said on Sunday at the Detroit motor show, according to Associated Press (AP).

Although complete sales figures are not scheduled for release until Monday, Press reportedly said Toyota increased its market share to an all-time high and established Toyota as the best-selling car brand in the United States - the eighth year in a row the company has set a new record for US sales.

AP reported Press as saying the company hopes to sell two million vehicles in the United States by 2005 while planning to introduce 11 new or updated vehicles in the next 14 months.

Among those is the hybrid Highlander sport utility vehicle, introduced at Detroit on Sunday, Associated Press added. The news agency said Press claimed that the hybrid version of Toyota's most popular SUV will be able to travel 600 miles (965 kilometres) on one tank of petrol and has better fuel economy than a compact sedan.

Press told AP that the hybrid Highlander will likely be on the market in the winter of 2005 and will cost slightly more than the current Highlander, which is around $US25,000.

AP said Toyota also showed off the FTX concept pickup, with wide, curving sides and narrow windows.