Toyota Canada is reporting strong sales in Canada this year. The company says that a strong performance by Toyota's Corolla and Camry sedans plus the Lexus ES 300 luxury sedan helped Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) sales reach 100,000 units year-to-date (YTD) during August.

Monthly combined Toyota and Lexus sales produced a record YTD total of 104,528, showing an increase of 20.4 per cent compared to 2001. Although TCI did not set an eighth consecutive monthly sales record, total August sales of 12,766 increased by 7.5 per cent over last year.

TCI said that supply could not keep up with demand for Corolla, Matrix and Echo sedans in order to set another monthly record.

Toyota says it remained the number-one selling car division in Canada. In August YTD, Camry leads the intermediate segment with sales of 18,837 vehicles, up 66 per cent over last year. The Canadian-made Corolla was the country's second best-selling compact sedan and set an all-time monthly sales record of 4,150, 17.1 per cent better than last August.

The record- breaking totals were further supported by Echo; sales of 2,254 units made it the second best-seller among subcompacts.

"Toyota sold 100,000 cars in Canada by August 27th, something that took us six weeks longer, until October 9th, to accomplish last year," said Tony Wearing, Group Vice President of Vehicle Sales and Marketing at TCI.

Toyota's Lexus Division had its eighth consecutive record month. August retails of 577 were 33.6 per cent better than last year, and record YTD sales of 4,453 are up 29.1 per cent over 2001. Sales of the all-new Lexus ES 300 reached 202 units in August, up 369.8 per cent compared to the previous model.