Toyota Boshoku Corporation and Aisin Seiki have recently begun manufacturing automobile seat frames and seat covers in Poland. 

TBAI Poland was established in 2009 to produce interior components for automobiles and is jointly owned and operated by Toyota Boshoku and Aisin Seiki. It is the first seat frame plant in the European Union for both companies. 

The seat frames are the next-generation TB-NF110 series jointly developed with Toyota Motor Corporation and others to contribute to improved fuel efficiency by the use of reduced-weight, high-tensile steel for a portion of the seat frame material. Production began in Japan in 2009 before being expanded into North America in 2010 and now production has also begun in Europe. 

TBAI supplies seats to Toyota Boshoku Somain, which is the seat assembly centre for the Toyota Boshoku Group in France [where Toyota has its Valenciennes Yaris manufacturing plant] but plans to supply other seat assembly plants in the future. 

Toyota Boshoku and Aisin Seiki have also have seat frame plants in Guangzhou and Tianjin in China. Manufacturing begins in Brazil in the second half of 2012.