Toyoda Gosei North America plans a new factory in central Mexico, adding capacity to match the large increase in local car production.

Toyoda Gosei Irapuato Mexico (TGIMX), located in Irapuato, Guanajuato state will start operations in April 2016 supplying radiator grilles, console boxes and other plastic parts to NAFTA region automakers.

The supplier already has three manufacturing units in Mexico: TAPEX Mexicana, (TAPEX) for safety systems such as airbags, Toyoda Gosei Automotive Sealing Mexico (TGASMX) for sealing products such as weatherstrips, and Toyoda Gosei Rubber Mexico (TGRMX) for functional components such as automotive rubber hoses.

This new unit will add coating and other plastic surface decorating technology allowing the supply of value-added plastic parts from a factory closer to automakers' NAFTA assembly plants and Tier One module suppliers.

The initial budget for TGIMX is about US$67m. The company plans to hire 280 employees by fiscal 2019 and boost numbers will as business expands.