Toyota Motor is considering selling the new IQ microcar in the US market, a senior executive said.

"The Toyota IQ micro car being sold in Japan and Europe is another example of a world platform that we may to adapt to the US market," US operations head Don Esmond told an automotive conference, according to Reuters.

The car is less than three metres (2.7 yards) long and can carry up to four people. It is smaller than the automaker's Yaris subcompact and is comparable with the Smart car in size.

Unlike the Daimler group product, though, it has four seats though using the 'occasional' rear row leaves barely room in the luggage bay for a bag of groceries.

"The IQ can figure into Toyota's response to another world mega-trend - urbanisation," Esmond said.

He added he expected a "very tough' first half for US sales while the second half would improve slightly.