Three of Japan's five major automakers increased overseas production in May from the same month a year ago on strong overseas demand.

According to Kyodo News, Toyota said its overseas production increased 12.2% from the year before to 340,267 units, marking the 53rd straight month of increase.

Honda Motor marked an 11.4% increase in overseas output to 203,020 units and Mazda boosted overseas production 4.8% to 23,551 units.

But Nissan Motor reported a 2.4% decline in overseas production to 166,798 units, and Mitsubishi Motors posted a 9.0% decrease to 51,377 units.

Nissan posted declines in overseas and domestic production, exports and domestic sales, marking the second straight month of decline in all four categories. Amid concerns over sluggish demand, Nissan has begun reducing production at some of its domestic factories.

Toyota, Mazda and Mitsubishi increased exports, while Honda and Nissan marked declines.

Sales in Japan fell at four of the five automakers. Mitsubishi was the exception, posting a 14.1% increase to 16,888 units.

Domestic sales declined 4.5% to 120,633 units at Toyota, 12.2% to 51,656 units at Nissan, 11.2% to 48,501 units at Honda and 5.5% to 20,227 units at Mazda.

Domestic production increased at Toyota, Mazda and Mitsubishi, while Nissan and Honda recorded declines, Kyodo News said.