The production of Think's new electric car the 'TH!NK City' has begun. Production takes place in Think's Norwegian factory outside Oslo.

The first cars will now go through testing and trials under Norwegian winter conditions.

The TH!NK city will be on the road during the first six months of 2008.

The first cars will be used for quality reassurance and tested against a strict validation plan. In 2008, the factory will reach full production capacity, equivalent to 3,500 cars per shift. The factory has capacity for double shifts, Think says.

"With the production start in November, this project is on time and the prototype phase is over. We are building full production cars with all the right components from the right suppliers that have now been through several months of quality testing," said Jan-Olaf Willums, CEO of Think Global.

Earlier this fall, Think signed a contract with Porsche Consulting. Porsche has been working side by side with Think employees, to bring Porsche's experience with "lean manufacturing" in to the factory, especially with respect to factory layout and to also share handling/logistics in the factory.

The goal is to enhance the flow of production in the factory, and to ensure that the cars are being produced more efficiently and with the highest quality standards.

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