The King and Queen of Sweden, plus actor Roger Moore (best known as British secret agent 007 or 'James Bond' in the 1970s film adaptations of Ian Flemming's books), were in Gothenburg this week to help celebrate Volvo's 75th anniversary and to witness the company handing over a cheque to UNICEF to mark the occasion.

Roger Moore was there in his capacity as an ambassador for the UN's children's fund, UNICEF. As 'The Saint' in the early 1960s TV Series, Roger Moore also has links with Volvo and during the evening, he drove onto the stage in 'his' old Volvo P1800 - much to the delight of the assembled audience of dignitaries.

Roger Moore was presented with a large gift in the form of a cheque from the Volvo Group's CEO, Leif Johansson, and the president of Volvo Cars, Hans-Olov Olsson. The cheque was for SEK 1 million (nearly £70,000) and will help promote a campaign entitled "A drop of water", which aims to ensure that more of the world's children have access to the vital resource of water.

In addition, the audience had donated SEK 300,000 (over £20,000).

"Thank you so very, very much," said Moore, "This is a wonderful gift. I thank you on behalf of the children."