Americans will be able to see BMW in a whole new way beginning next month, when the first comic books based on bmwfilm's short film series, 'The Hire', hits retail shelves in the US.

Dark Horse Comics and bmwfilms have taken 'The Driver', the mysterious lead character portrayed by British actor Clive Owen (currently starring in the movie 'King Arthur') and turned him over to different creative teams, each of whom will produce a different story. As with the award-winning film series, each comic will be a stand-alone piece that can be enjoyed on its own.

'The Hire' series will include six issues, the first of which is called 'Scandal' and is written and drawn by comics legend Matt Wagner, who also penned the popular Grendel and Mage series. It will go on sale at American comic book retailers August 11th, priced at $US2.99.

Future issues will feature the work of Katushiro Otomo ('Akira'), Katsuya Terada, ('Blood: The Last Vampire') Mark Waid ('Kingdom Come'), Kurt Busiek ('Conan'), as well as Francisco Ruiz Velasco ('Lone Wolf 2100'), Karl Kesel ('Fantastic Four'), Ariel Olivetti ('Avengers'), and Steven Grant ('X-Men').

Bill Cawthon