Tesla Motors, the maker of an electric plug-in sports car, has inked a technology deal with Daimler, according to remarks reportedly made by Chairman Elon Musk.

"We have a deal right now with Daimler. Its still in the early stages," said Musk in an interview with Fox Business Network's Liz Claman. "We have a small deal that could potentially lead to a very big deal."

According to Musk, Tesla's electric sports car the Roadster, which gets 220 miles but costs $100,000, has been sold to more than 1,000 customers. The company, which started production a month ago at Lotus in England, expects to produce 2,000 cars a year, said the executive.

Tesla is working on a cheaper electric car that will start at around $59,000. That electric car will be a four door sedan that fits five passengers, he said.

"Its has more than twice the energy efficiency than a Prius," said Musk of the Tesla Roadster.

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