Tesla Motors and Mando Corporation have joined forced to develop autonomous drive systems for future models, according to reports in South Korea.

Mando is a leading South Korean manufacturer of brake, steering and suspension systems, supplying domestic and overseas vehicle manufacturers including Hyundai-Kia, GM Daewoo, FiatChrysler, General Motors, Ford and Volkswagen.

The company began working with Tesla last year on developing fail-safety technologies for the carmaker's autonomous vehicles. This allows cars to continue to drive and react autonomously during emergencies.

Local reports suggest that Mando was chosen ahead of other global component manufacturers such as Bosch, TRW and Continental, for this technology partnership with Tesla based on cost, including for the development and supply of systems for the forthcoming Model 3.

The Korean company is reported to have recruited dozens of engineers from competing global parts manufacturers to work at its R&D centres in the US and Germany for its partnership with Tesla.