Tenneco Automotive says that it is supplying advanced emission control technology to the Ford for the mid-model year 2002 S-Type Jaguar and the 2003 model year XJ sedan. Tenneco Automotive's Ultra Thinwall Substrate Catalytic Converter (UTSCC) provides improved emission control performance to meet stringent U.S. and European emission regulations.

"We are proud to supply Ford with the innovative Ultra Thinwall Substrate Catalytic Converter for the S-Type Jaguar and the 2003 model year XJ sedan," said Mark P. Frissora, chairman and CEO, Tenneco Automotive. "This converter utilizes advanced design engineering and manufacturing processes to improve emission control performance and physical durability."

The ultra thinwall substrate provides a larger geometric surface area, allowing more exhaust gas to interact with catalyst and leading to improved emissions performance. Tenneco Automotive's "force-closing" manufacturing process provides design flexibility to accommodate different substrate shapes and maintains uniform mounting pressure around the substrate, resulting in enhanced component and system performance.

"The shoebox design of the Ultra Thinwall Substrate Catalytic Converter used on the Jaguar models offers OEM engineers a number of significant advantages over traditional emission control technologies," said Brent Bauer, senior vice president and general manager, original equipment emission control. "These converters offer maximum design and performance flexibility, and the sensors can easily be located between different substrates to monitor emissions levels and meet OBDII requirements."

The Ultra Thinwall Substrate Catalytic Converters are manufactured at the Tenneco Automotive facility in Ligonier, Indiana.