Tata Motors is stepping up its expansion into the Thai automotive market this year with the launch of new passenger cars and commercial vehicles sourced from South Korea and India.

In June, Tata Thailand will launch a range of heavy trucks imported from its South Korea subsidiary, Tata-Daewoo Commercial Vehicles, with the aim of selling 500 units in the current financial year ending in March 2015.

The company currently sells the Xenon pickup truck in Thailand which it assembles in partnership with Thonburi Automotive Assembly Plant in Samut Prakan, just outside Bangkok.

About 3,500 units of these trucks were sold in the fiscal year just ended – 24% fewer than in the previous year.

The Samut Prakan plant has the capacity to assemble 15,000 vehicles per year. Tata’s Ace mini-truck range will go into production at the plant in the fourth quarter of 2014. 

Passenger car models such as the Nano minicar, which will be fitted with a one-litre engine and automatic transmission, the Aria cross-over model and Tata trucks will also go on sale in Thailand towards the end of the year, all sourced from India.