Tata Motors' global vehicle sales grew 84% year-on-year to 74,707 units in December 2009, helped by a recovery to Jaguar Land Rover sales.

Cumulative Tata Motors Group global sales, comprising of Tata, Tata Daewoo and Hispano Carrocera range of commercial vehicles, Tata passenger vehicles along with distributed brands in India, and Jaguar and Land Rover, were put at 9% up for the fiscal year so far (April - December 2009) at 595,766 units.

Sales of all commercial vehicles were 37,326 in December 2009, a growth of 137%. Cumulative sales for the fiscal are 282,136, a growth of 25%.
Sales of all passenger vehicles were 37,381 in December 2009, a growth of 51%. Cumulative sales for the fiscal are 313,630, lower by 2%.
Tata passenger vehicle sales, including those distributed, were 16,247 for the month, a growth of 53%. Cumulative sales for the fiscal are 176,652, a growth of 19%.
Jaguar Land Rover global sales in December 2009 were 21,134 vehicles, higher by 33%. Jaguar sales for the month were 4,794, higher by 5%, while Land Rover sales were 16,340, higher by 45%.

Cumulative sales of Jaguar Land Rover for the fiscal are 136,978, lower by 26%. Cumulative sales of Jaguar are 36,510, lower by 33%, while cumulative sales of Land Rover are 100,468, lower by 23%.