Citing the daily Arab News, the WMRC Daily Analysis said that India's largest commercial vehicle manufacturer, Tata Engineering and Locomotive (Telco), has announced plans for a massive assault on the Saudi market this year.

Telco reported that it has targeted a 60% market share of bus sales in the kingdom, as well as a 50% share of the truck market. Telco is stepping up its sales efforts after signing a contract with Al-Hamrani, the Saudi agent for Japanese automaker Nissan, to distribute and sell Telco commercial vehicles in Saudi Arabia.

The commercial vehicle manufacturer already has strong sales in several Gulf states, including Kuwait, the UAE and Oman. Most of the vehicles supplied to these countries are buses used for transporting schoolchildren and company employees. Telco also hopes to make inroads into the lucrative Haj and Umrah transportation market in Saudi Arabia, in which thousands of buses are needed to transport Muslim pilgrims in the kingdom each year.