Tata Motors said its total commercial and passenger vehicle sales jumped 18% in July, driven by a 23% growth in domestic sales. However, year to date sales were lower by 1% as export falls continued to weigh down performance.

Sales (including exports) of commercial and passenger vehicles in July 2009 totalled 48,054, up 18% on the 40,729 vehicles sold in July 2008. Domestic sales grew 23% to 45,599 versus 37,033 last year.

Sales of Tata cars grew 21% in July to 14,537 units while 2,475 units of the new Nano reached customers in the first month for deliveries.

Year to date sales (including exports) were down to 171,168 units from 172,462 in 2008.

"The company began sale and deliveries of the Jaguar and Land Rover range through the brands' flagship store in Mumbai. The response has been quite encouraging in the first month with the initial India stock and pipeline imports booked to a large extent," Tata said.

Year to date Tata and Fiat brand sales were up 4% to 70,572 cars.

Tata/Fiat exports fell 34% in July to 2,455 vehicles. Year to date exports were off 40% to 7,676.