There's nothing wrong with British engineers and managers after all, said the head of Tata Motors which owns Jaguar Land Rover.

A year ago Ratan Tata apparently criticised the Brits in a newspaper interview but he said at the Delhi show he was misunderstood.

"What I meant was the cultures are very different and British managers move in a different way to Indians.

"In India we tend to move from one crisis to another and so managers have to respond by working long hours and at weekends. In the UK there is not the need to operate in the same way. There was no intention to criticise the standard of engineering or management."

Tata added there are still plans to introduce the Nano budget car to Europe and the US despite the model's cool response in India.

Here, the Nano has been beset by industrial and quality problems which Tata said are now being ironed out.

He added: "A Nano for Europe and the US would be different to the one we have in India. It will still be low cost but will have to have the levels of comfort and driveability that these markets expect.

"We also have to look at how we sell the vehicle in terms of logistics and establishing a dealer network."