Suzuki Motor is shortening the introduction time for derivative models to around three months after new vehicles are released, starting with its Spacia minicar.

Until now, the Nikkei reported, the automaker has waited around a year after the release of a new vehicle to begin introducing derivatives but will shorten that due to increasing competition. It will also increase the number of derivatives going on sale at the same time as new models.

Suzuki released the Spacia in March as a product targeting mothers who emphasise practicality. Later this month, it will begin selling the Spacia Custom, a version aimed at young men in their 20s and 30s.

The derivative features LED lights, aluminum wheels and a black interior. It also comes with an idling-stop function. Its lighter weight and improved suspension increase drivability while an improved constant-velocity joint boosts fuel economy. The Spacia Custom will cost around 20% more than the original released in March, whose basic version is priced at around JPY1.23m.

By releasing derivatives sooner, Suzuki aims to broaden its customer base and capitalise on new vehicles' sales momentum.