Not every market shares northern Europe's obsession with hatchbacks so Suzuki has launched an SX4 sedan.

The car was first shown at Geneva this week and will make its North America debut at the New York motor show next month.

The company also sells the hatchback version there but it's made in Japan with a two-litre petrol engine. European versions have smaller motors and are built in Hungary, with some rebadged as Fiats in a model-sharing joint venture.

The new sedan has some features of the smaller Swift hatchback which Suzuki also makes in Europe (and India) but doesn't ship to North America. There, the company sells the Reno(hatch) and Forteza (sedan) which are variants of Chevrolet-badged Daewoo-built models sold in Europe.

North American-bound versions of the new Suzuki sedan share the American SX4 hatchback's two-litre engine; European versions get smaller motors - 1.6-litre petrol and 1.9-litre diesel and a four-wheel-drive option.

Sedan body styles are more popular in eastern and southern Europe and also in South America so this attractive new C-segment sedan should find ready markets.