Chamco Auto, which plans to be the first company to import Chinese-made vehicles into North America, has named former Autoliv executive Bradley Czajka as vice president of supply chain management.

Chamco's partner is Hebei Zhongxing Automobile Company, Ltd. (ZXAuto China).

Czajka has worked for Autoliv Corporation, Rockwell International and Ford and was formerly vice president of worldwide supply base management for Autoliv's inflator business unit.

"Czajka's years of experience in managing within the Toyota production and management system will bring invaluable experience to ZXAuto China both internally within its process development, cost containment and quality enhancement efforts and externally within their supply base," Chamco said in a statement.

"We are confident he will help…establish a network of reliable suppliers dedicated to provide [our Chinese partner] with a consistently high quality product to export to North America."

Chamco on Wednesday and Thursday is displaying vehicles at a downtown hotel separate from the Cobo Hall Detroit motor show venue.

It plans initially to import and distribute SUVs and pick-ups, "starting in late 2007 to mid 2008 into Mexico and the US", and plans to bring in sedans and crossovers a year later. It is also negotiating with other Chinese car manufacturers "to fill out the line".

It claims it will price the vehicles "20% below any and all comparably equipped models from name brand competitors, including other Chinese importers".

Chamco Auto said it would use a unique business model that "dramatically reduces costs by outsourcing a variety of functions to the world's leading Fortune 500 automotive experts in such areas as transportation and logistics; service, parts and warranty; legal; information technology and marketing" and employ a principle of "shared ownership" involving key stakeholders including the Chinese car manufacturers, outsourcing firms, executives and the initial 150 dealers it is currently recruiting.