Hyundai's Sonata hybrid sedan was the second best selling hybrid in the US in June, industry sources said.

Data showed the Sonata's sales reached 1,422 last month compared to 4,340 for the Toyota Prius, which has effectively dominated the global hybrid car market since its release in 1997, the Korea Herald reported.

The Sonata hybrid that first reached US consumers in April has a 2.4-litre I4 engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission and a electric motor drive powered by a lithium-polymer battery that gives a total output of 209hp. The manufacturer said the car can run 21 km on one litre of fuel.

Despite trailing the Prius, the Sonata hybrid outpaced other rivals such as Honda's Insight and CR-Z, the Ford Fusion and other Toyota hybrids.

The Sonata also beat Toyota's Camry hybrid. Camry sales stood at just 449 units in June.

Hyundai said it sold 3,445 Sonata hybrids in the United States, with sales of the K5 hybrid, made by sister company Kia, reaching 103 units.