Sollers-Bussan has begun assembly of Toyota's Land Cruiser Prado [Colorado] SUV at its plant in Vladivostok, Russia.  Initial production capacity is around 1,000 vehicles a month.

Toyota is supplying assembly components as well as maintaining a product-quality management support structure that includes quality control training and personnel support. Vehicles assembled by Sollers-Bussan are to be shipped mainly via the Trans-Siberian railway and sold through the automaker’s dealer network in Russia.

Toyota itself assembles the Camry for Russia at a plant in St Petersburg. 

"With the start of Land Cruiser Prado assembly in Russia, TMC aims to better meet Russian consumer needs," the automaker said.

Sollers-Bussan is based in Vladivostok, Russia and was established in August 2010 as a 50-50 JV between Mitsui and Sollers. It employs 300.

Moscow-based Sollers itself dates back to March 2002 and handles domestic brands UAZ and ZMZ as well as operating various JVs to assemble and distribute Ford, Ssangyong, Isuzu, Mazda and other foreign brands in Russia.

A deal with Fiat ended on 1 January 2012 - the brand is now handled by Chrysler Russia.