Skoda Auto has published its third sustainability reported, dated  2007/2008. The first one was published in 2004.

The latest report is divided into three parts: financial, social and environmental. In the environmental section Skoda says that despite increasing production of cars it has maintained power consumption that about the same level for several years. In 2007 energy consumption fell to below 2MWh per vehicle.

Skoda says that all facilities must now feature best available technologies to comply with the principles of environmental protection of the VW group.

The report is limited to noting achievements to date and Skoda has not published targets for future environmental impact reduction, such as CO2 emissions reduction.

In a statement Skoda chairman Reinhard Jung said: ""We at Skoda Auto consider environmental protection very important, and can substantiate this statement with tangible results. It is not only the much-discussed reduction of emissions of CO2 and other contaminants generated by cars, it's mainly about environmentally-friendly production processes, environmentally-friendly procedures involved in new investments, socially responsible policies, and much more. As the company has made considerable progress in this respect, we have decided to describe our achievements in this sustainability report."