DaimlerChrysler reportedly would be prepared to accept shares from General Motors (GM) as payment for Chrysler.

The Financial Times Deutschland added that DaimlerChrysler is also said to be considering a sale to financial investors or parties with a strategic interest in Chrysler, while selling it off completely and floating it on the stock exchange has not been ruled out either.

However, according to the paper, it is said that involving GM would solve a number of DaimlerChrysler's problems at once: as a minority shareholder in GM, DaimlerChrysler would benefit from considerable cost savings, and it would also meet greater approval from the US public than a takeover by investors from an emerging country.

The Financial Times Deutschland said the company could face difficulties in terms of cartel laws if it were to merge with GM. However, at least two institutional, substantial shareholders have indicated that they support the proposal, although it has yet to be agreed at a general meeting.

Neither DaimlerChrysler nor GM would officially confirm the reports, the paper added.