Several more automotive component manufacturers have come forward as part of Germany's Cartel Office (Bundeskartellamt) probe into six suppliers' competitive actions.

Magna confirmed earlier the Bundeskartellamt had visited its premises, but now IAC, Faurecia, Borgers and Autoneum, have also said the cartel authorities have become involved.

"We can confirm the IAC office in Germany was called upon by German anti-trust authorities," an IAC spokeswoman told just-auto from the component manufacturer's European regional headquarters in Krefeld.

"It is IAC policy to comply with all applicable laws, so we are co-operating fully with the Bundeskartellamt. We are not at liberty to discuss the matter publicly while the inquiry is under way."

The Bundeskartellamt told just-auto six component companies are currently being investigated with fines possible of up to 10% of turnover should they be found to be in breach of regulations, with the probes taking months or even years to complete.

Faurecia says it is also discussing the issue with the Bundeskartellamt, as a spokesman for the supplier in Paris told just-auto: "Faurecia is fully co-operating with the German authorities.

"Faurecia's code of ethics tolerates no violation of the rules or laws of fair competition."

Autoneum also said it was subject to investigations by the Cartel Office, noting: "The investigations affect, among others, the market for floor systems and trunk trim and have been initiated on suspicions automobile suppliers may have engaged in anti-competitive behaviour.

"At this stage of the pending investigation, Autoneum is neither able to disclose any
further information thereon nor to assess the implications which may derive therefrom."

A statement sent to just-auto from Borgers noted: "Within the context of the ongoing investigations by the German Federal Cartel Office, the business premises of Borgers were searched.

"Borgers will make every effort to clear up the allegations made. In view of the ongoing investigations, further information cannot be given."