Samsung SDI, the battery manufacturing affiliate of Samsung Group, is showing off its latest car battery and materials at the Detroit show.

The company told the Korea Times it hopes to expand its presence in the electric car battery manufacturing sector to the lightweight, functional car materials business through its exhibition.

"We vow to strengthen cooperation with carmakers, not only in the American market, but also in other parts of the world," said Samsung SDI's automotive and energy storage system business vice president Jeong She-woong in a press release. "For this, we prepared various battery and car products for automobiles for this exhibition to meet the needs of the market."

This is the first time the company has participated in an international trade fair since it integrated with the material business division of Cheil Industries, the textile manufacturing arm of Samsung Group, in July 2014.

Samsung SDI is displaying four battery products ? high capacity battery cell for electric cars, interchangeable battery module for plug-in hybrid cars and electric cars, compact battery cell for hybrid cars and a low-voltage system for energy-efficiency and low carbon emission.

The company said an electric car with an 120 ampere-hour high capacity battery cell can run for more than 300km (200 miles) on a single charge. The interchangeable battery module will help carmakers standardise the room for battery equipment when they develop an automobile design that can be built as either an electric car or a plug-in hybrid vehicle, it said.

The low-voltage system can replace or be added to the existing lead-acid battery for automobiles to enable a fuel efficiency mechanism such as 'idle stop and go'.

Alongside the battery products, Samsung SDI said it also exhibited interior and exterior materials for automobiles, tapping into its know-how in engineering plastic material manufacturing.

The company's non-painting metallic material has its original colour and thus does not need painting, eliminating peeling and discoloration.

It has been used for the center fascia in Ford's new Mondeo, the company said.

"We aim at leading the market by expanding our high-value product business under partnerships with automobile parts manufacturers and carmakers," said Samsung SDI's chemical business executive vice president Lee Seoung-ku.