New vehicle sales in Indonesia increased by 9.2% to 97,691 units in December, from 89,456 units a year earlier, according to data released by local industry association Gaikindo.

The continued positive trend came despite rising borrowing costs in the country, with many dealers having to discount key large volume models to maintain sales momentum.

Full year sales increased by 10.2% to a record 1,229,901 units, compared with 1,116,230 units in the previous year. Light passenger vehicle sales rose by 12.6% to 879,507 units, including 51,180 low cost green cars (LCGC) which were launched in September.

Commercial vehicle sales were up by just 4.5% at 350,594 units, compared with 335,445 units previously.

Imports increased by over 22% to 154,014 units, to account for around 12.5% of the total market. The bulk of imports come from Thailand in the shape of passenger cars and pickup trucks.

The country produced 1,208,165 units last year, up by 13.3% on the previous year’s 1,065,557 units. CBU exports accounted for 170,907 of these, with the Middle East and other ASEAN countries providing most of the demand. A further 105,380 mostly incomplete CKD kits were exported last year.