Saab has unfurled its new retailing strategy for the UK described in Saab's words as a departure from traditional marketing techniques and designed to steal a march on its competitors in the premium car market.

Dubbed 'Saab Unlimited', the strategy is developed around three new sales point formats: Brand Centres, City Centres and Unlimited Partners. Each of these formats has been designed to 'ensure that customer expectations are consistently met and exceeded'.

Saab Unlimited has been rolled out in other markets over the past year. Within a year of the development of the Saab Unlimited strategy, over one hundred dealer showrooms have been established in markets worldwide, including Sweden, Germany, the USA and Italy.

Saab Unlimited's flagship UK outlet will be Saab Piccadilly, the first Saab City Centre showroom of its kind in the UK, and only the fifth in the world.

Specially crafted conical glass imported from Sweden forms part of the new showroom and on the lower level at Saab Piccadilly is The Plattform - an extensive, neutral space designed as a venue from which to 'explore elements of Scandinavian culture'. Fashion shows, art exhibitions and Swedish furniture displays are planned for The Plattform.

"We are delighted to be opening the doors of Saab Piccadilly to our customers," said Jonathan Nash, Managing Director of Saab Great Britain. "This flagship showroom is a clear reflection of the Saab brand and our position as a premium car manufacturer. With Saab Unlimited we are dedicated to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers through a fresh approach to sales, and we look forward to welcoming both new and existing customers to Saab Piccadilly."

Saab says that the Saab Unlimited strategy is focused on meeting the demands of customers who require a vehicle that supports their diverse and active lifestyles. The company says that the Saab product range will 'expand dramatically over the next few years with an extensive range of new, sporty multi-dynamic cars designed with the modern, active individual in mind'.

Saab claims that research into the profile of Saab drivers has shown that the customer-base forms a clearly defined sector of the premium car-buyer's market, and the location, style, and technologically advanced features of the three Saab Unlimited formats has been designed specifically to attract this clearly defined market sector. The clean, modern, uncluttered Scandinavian design of the Unlimited locations complements the cosmopolitan and individualistic nature of the Saab driver, who is also attracted to aesthetics and the arts.

"Globally, there are 10 million potential Saab buyers out there, and Saab Unlimited is designed to focus resources on those 10 million people and to ensure that every customer enjoys a high quality experience in every encounter with Saab," said Mikael Eliasson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Saab. "We recognise that our customers are individuals and we must therefore communicate with them as such and tailor our services to suit individual needs."