"While it is vital that Government support the car manufacturing industry in the UK, it must also demonstrate equal commitment to a vibrant and competitive retail car sector, which employs 600,000 people, three times more than  the UK's car manufacturers," Alec Murray, non executive chairman of the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF) said today (15 June).

Murray was referring to the British government's response to the trade and industry select committee's report into UK car manufacturing, published today.

He added: "The report highlights the need to maintain and improve skills levels. This is not exclusively a manufacturing issue. This applies equally to the retail sector, which is where motorists meet the industry."

Murray said: "The retail motor sector sells upwards of 2m cars annually, which is a significant driver of the economy. It is a major part of the overall motor industry, and must be acknowledged too. Further support from government on training, and a reduction in unnecessary bureaucracy would improve the productivity of our sector."