Revstone Industries says Donald Dees has been named president of Revstone Europe and Yu Zhang as President of Revstone China.

Dees has more than 30 years of leadership experience in the automotive and manufacturing industries, including domestic, European and Asian OEM manufacturers. He was also CEO of BHM Technologies, vice president of quality and service at Hyundai Motor and vice president of manufacturing at DaimlerChrysler.

"We need to expand quickly into Europe and Asia to become a world player," said Dees. " We have a depth and breadth in North America that not many people have, but we need it in Europe and Asia as well."

Zhang joins Revstone after serving as CEO of Techrim, vice president of Bernal Technologies and EVP of Bernal-Yawa.

"I am pleased to lead Revstone into the Chinese market, which is the fastest growing market in the world," said Zhang.

"The quality of our products and our manufacturing know-how will be a welcome addition to China's large and growing transportation industry."

A statement from Revstone noted that often when a company focuses on growing its presence in China, the perception is that it plans to ship jobs overseas.

Zhang emphasised this was not the case for Revstone, which is committed to preserving and growing American jobs.

"Revstone's American employees and customers will also benefit," Zhang said, adding "as the improved access to affordable raw materials will add to the competitiveness of Revstone products made in America.  This should be good news to our American team members."