Nissan is to build subcompacts in Brazil by 2013 and begin production of electric-vehicles in China, according to Nikkei business daily.

The publication says a new medium-term business plan will be unveiled on 27 June with Nissan aiming to plough in more than US$24.68bn to achieve global sales of more than 7m units by fiscal 2016 - up 70% compared to fiscal 2010.

Japan, the US and Europe accounted for a little more than half of the fiscal 2010 sales, but emerging countries are likely to contribute the majority share by fiscal 2016, added Nikkei.

In Brazil, Nissan has been subcontracting production of large pickup trucks and minivans to French partner Renault, said the report.

Nissan is also looking to manufacture electric vehicles in China from next year, said Nikkei. 

The automaker also plans to develop luxury vehicles with Daimler to be sold through Nissan's Infiniti brand and the German manufacturer's Mercedes-Benz brand dealerships, added the report.