Renault is hoping to increase production by Dacia by 400%.

According to the German newspaper, the 'Welt' Renault is hoping to sell around 900,000 Dacia cars by 2009. Last year Dacia sold 247,000 cars and this year it expects to sell 400,000.

The growth would come mainly for setting up assembly of the low cost Logan in new locations, including Brazil, India, Russia and Iran, as well as Morocco and Colombia. In addition the model range is being expanded. Alongside the sedan and estate versions a small van is expected in the near future. A further four Dacia models are due to be launched in the next few years.

The Logan is becoming increasingly important to the Renault group. As part of its turnaround plan it is aiming to sell 800,000 more light vehicles in 2009 than it did in 2008. The majority of these, it appears, will be built by Dacia.

Luc-Alexandre Menard, who heads up all Renault's non-European operations, has also promised to take the Logan into China. Plans were put on hold at the end of 2005 but Menard says that China will be back on the agenda after 2009, when the company is once again profitable.