Renault has revised upward its projected full year sales of the Dacia Sandero car in Brazil to 40,000 units from 30,000 amid higher than expected sales, the daily La Tribune reported, citing Renault's Brazilian unit chairman, Jerome Stoll.

Stoll said its success is not coming at the expense of the lower-cost Dacia Logan car, for which Renault also sees Brazilian sales of 40,000 units this year.

The Sandero is the largest compact hatchback offered in Brazil and uses the same architecture as the Logan. The sharp-eyed will spot a few common parts, such as windscreen, front doors and roofline.

The wheelbase is 4mm shorter than the saloon it originated from. Rear seat occupants will think the Logan offers more room yet the Sandero beats heavy-weight competitors like VW's Fox and Fiat's Punto in this aspect. In truth, it is a compact-priced, medium-compact-sized hatch, following the Logan design philosophy.

Renault reckons one-litre engines are losing popularity and no more than 30% of buyers will choose it. It also offers a 1.6-litre 95bhp eight-valve unit with 40% more torque, forecast to take 50% of sales. The third offer is a 112hp, 16-valve version (20%).

Renault plans to sell the Sandero elsewhere in South America (Argentina sales began in February) and the car will also be built in South Africa and in eastern Europe tool (probably Russia).