Renault boosted first quarter revenues 4.2% to EUR10,203m.

Automobile revenues grew 4.2% year-on-year to EUR9,697m in the first quarter as worldwide sales increased 6.5% but were dampened by an unfavourable exchange rate that cost 2.1 points.

In Europe, a market down 2%, Renault sales fell -0.2% due to a new product offensive that included the launches of the Clio wagon, stretched Grand Modus and redesigned Kangoo car and LCV lines.

Sales rose 6.3% in France while Dacia sales rose 71.2%.

Outside Europe, the group reported a sales increase in its three business regions, with volumes up 10.5% in the Americas, 20.5% in Euromed and 41.7% in Asia-Africa.

In a dynamic Brazilian market up 31.4%, Renault sales soared 72.3%.

Renault sales grew by 35.8% in Russia and by 53.5% in Algeria. In Romania, group sales increased 5.7%.

Sales of engines and built-up vehicles to partners - particularly light commercial vehicles - made a positive 0.6-point contribution to revenues.

The sales financing subsidiary, RCI Banque, contributed EUR506m to revenues, up 3.9% on a consistent basis. This resulted from a 2.85% increase in average loans outstanding for in first quarter 2008, together with an increase in average interest rates over the period.