Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of Renault, and Jusak Kertowidjojo, President Director, PT Indomobil Sukses International, Tbk

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of Renault, and Jusak Kertowidjojo, President Director, PT Indomobil Sukses International, Tbk

Renault is to partner with Indomobil in Indonesia with the aim of increasing its penetration of the market there. 

The agreement covers a mixture of local assembly and planned new model introductions for the local market. Renault said that starting in 2015, Renault will launch tailor-made products for localised assembly that will “cover the heart of the Indonesian market”. 

The Duster model will 'lead the way', Renault said, with the first cars to launch on the market this month. The agreement also entails a large expansion to the distribution network by 2016. 

Indomobil has acted as importer for Renault cars in Indonesia since 2001, but the new agreement takes the cooperation between the two groups further in what analysts say is a market with very good growth potential. 

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  • First cars to launch in September 2013
  • Duster to lead the way with Koleos and Mégane Renaultsport
  • Indomobil to build distribution network
  • Ambition: to make Renault one of the top European brands by 2016

Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of Renault, and Jusak Kertowidjojo, President Director, PT Indomobil Sukses International, Tbk, signed a partnership agreement today to launch Renault on the Indonesian market.

Renault will lay a strong foundation for future growth by first introducing Duster, locally assembled in Indonesia by Indomobil. Duster is the spearhead of the Group’s international development and an iconic model that will give high visibility to the brand. Duster is the number one model of the Renault Group in 2013 and winner of numerous awards around the world.

Duster will be equipped with the best-in-class 1.5 dCi engine, the “global growth engine” of the Renault-Nissan Alliance which drives one out of three Renault vehicles sold worldwide, from Twingo to Laguna. This engine is considered to be a benchmark in its category for performance and fuel efficiency. It will be a brand and image promoter in Indonesia, a country with increasingly stringent emissions regulations and where fuel economy is one of the top buying criteria.

Along with Duster, Renault will commercialize the premium Koleos SUV and the status-enhancing Mégane Renaultsport . These models will help to build the Renault brand as a distinctive choice in Indonesia with an emphasis on engine performance, premium image and technology.

At the same time, Indomobil will be building up a tailored network to deliver an enriched customer experience, aiming for 45 showrooms by 2016 and increasing thereafter. Indomobil, Nissan’s partner in Indonesia since 1981, has helped Nissan to attain market share of 6% to 67,000 units at the end of 2012.

Today’s partnership announcement marks the first step in Renault’s development in Indonesia. Starting in 2015, Renault will launch tailor-made products for localized assembly that will cover the heart of the Indonesian market.

Indonesia is currently leading the growth of South East Asia with a population of 250 million and a TIV of 1,100,000 in 2012 (+25%). Indonesia, a country that has 36 vehicles per 1000 residents, is one of the most promising automobile markets in the world.


About Renault

The Renault group has been making cars since 1898. Today it is an international multi-brand group, selling more than 2.5 million vehicles in 128 countries in 2012 and employing nearly 128,000 people. To meet the major technological challenges of the future and continue its strategy of profitable growth, the Group is harnessing its international development and the complementary fit of its three brands, Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors, together with electric vehicles, the Alliance with Nissan, and its partnerships with AVTOVAZ and Daimler. With 11 world championship titles in 35 years, Renault’s expertise in Formula 1 is equally remarkable, as a vector of innovation, image and awareness.

About Indomobil

Indomobil Group is One of Two largest automotive companies in Indonesia.  Indomobil focuses on capturing growth across the automotive segments: passenger cars, commercial vehicles, heavy duty trucks and equipments, parts trading, financing, and car rental.  Its Integrated business model maximizes value throughout the supply chain.

Indomobil has been the importer for Renault since 2001, and also the distributor for Nissan, Volvo, Audi & Volkswagen passanger cars, and also Distributor for Renault Trucks & Volvo Trucks. 

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