The millionth 2G Kangoo is bound for Japan

The millionth 2G Kangoo is bound for Japan

Renault's Maubeuge plant has produced its millionth second-generation Kangoo.

Initially released in 1998 and then redesigned in 2007, the Kangoo is now available in two forms: a leisure activity vehicle for retail customers and an LCV for business customers. The LCV comes in a choice of three sizes – Compact, Express and Maxi – as well as an electric version, the ZE.

In 2015, the LCV version represented 64% of overall Kangoo production. The same year, 90% of all Kangoos produced (PC + LCV) featured diesel engines, 7% had petrol engines and 3% were electric.

"Kangoo continues to appeal to a diverse clientele of both business and retail customers in all its markets. Our entire plant is proud to celebrate this new production landmark, which confirms our ability to meet customer expectations in terms of quality and lead times," said Jose Martin Vega, director of the Maubeuge plant

Maubeuge also produces the Citan variant of the Kangoo for Daimler.

Japan is the final destination for the millionth Kangoo.

France, Spain and Germany are the car's three chief markets but Japan took 1,679 in 2015, a third of all Renault sales in the country. Only the leisure activity version is available in Japan.