With an address in an elegant São Paulo City district, Renault has just opened exclusive facilities for its Latin America design centre.

It is the sixth studio for the French make along with Paris, Barcelona, Seoul, Bucharest and Mumbai.

Patrick le Quèment, senior vice-president of design, came to Brazil to announce that one of the first assignments of the new centre is to compete for the best facelift idea for the Logan.

In Brazil 10 professionals work under Vincent Pedretti, one of the designers of the recently launched Koleos who has worked in several countries. His team includes people from Brazil, Argentina and Colombia in order to cover the Mercosur region.

"The goal is to diversify sources of creation. We want Brazilian design to show its qualities and also to contribute to the internalisation plans of the brand", French-Swiss Pedretti told just-auto.

Renault will soon hire more specialists to create mock-ups and prototypes, closing the complete cycle of local development.

At the São Paulo motor show next October a pickup version of the Sandero will be unveiled "as a merely conceptual vehicle", according to Renault.

The Brazilian subsidiary has also launched a contest for industrial design students. The best designs will be displayed at the motor show and the winner will be trained in the new centre.

Fernando Calmon