Renault is confirming France's anti-fraud office (DGCCRF) has visited several of its sites, with a view to validating independent technical tests surrounding so-called defeat devices.

The issue is particularly sensitive given the continuing furore engulfing Volkswagen, but Renault insists an Independent Technical Commission set up by the French government to evaluate whether any software defeat devices had been installed on numerous vehicles, had not found anything untoward.

"In this framework, UTAC (testing authority) is currently evaluating 100 vehicles on the road, which reflects the market share of Renault," said a statement from the French automaker. "At the end of December, 2015, 11 vehicles had already been tested, four of which were Renault, which allowed French authorities to engage in a fruitful dialogue with Renault's engineering division.

"Already, the Energy and Climate General Directory (DGEC), which is under the Ecology and Energy Ministry, pilot partner of the Independent Technical Commission. considers the testing not to show evidence of the presence of defeat software on Renault vehicles.

"This is good news for Renault."

The French automaker added however: "In parallel, the DGCCRF decided to carry out further investigations on site, in order to definitively check the initial analysis of the Independent Commission. The DGCCRF went to the headquarters, the Renault Technical Centre at Lardy and the Guyancourt Technocentre.

"Renault is cooperating fully with the work of the Royal Commission and with the extra investigations decided by the Minister of the Economy."