Renault is holding the last of its exhaustive talks with all major unions this evening (12 February) as the automaker looks to secure its much-vaunted labour deal.

All four bodies - the CFE-CGC, CFDT, FO and CGT - are meeting in Paris to discuss the agreement but already the more moderate CFDT is threatening not to sign "on the basis of current management demands."

The seriousness of the negotiations can be gauged by the presence in the French capital this evening of Renault's director of operations, Gerard Leclercq.

"We are at [the] end of the process," a Renault spokeswoman told just-auto from Paris. "It is the tenth meeting - it is the last one - everyone is around the table.

"Exceptionally tonight, it is Gerard Leclercq, director of French operations, normally it is [the] director of human resources."

But ahead of tonight's crucial talks, the CFDT has issued a bellicose statement in which it fires a strong warning to Renault it will not sign any deal in its current form.

"Faced with the blocking attitude of management during the last meeting on 5 February, the CFDT confirms it refuses to sign an agreement based on current management demands," said the union.

"Tuesday, 12 February, is a last chance meeting, management has its backs to the wall. For more than ten years, staff have not ceased in making efforts to improve the competitivity of their business.

"These efforts have been wasted by a blind delocalisation policy and series of errors made by Carlos Ghosn.

"For the CFDT, a competivity deal with Renault will only make sense if it applies to a policy of industrial and human investments, in a profound change in the system and in the first instance, putting in place a volume level of activity in its factories."

Renault declined to comment on the CFDT's views.

The automaker is scheduled to unveil its annual 2012 results on 14 February.