PSA may have grabbed the headlines this week with its JV announcement for Iran, but cross-town rival Renault has issued a statement to remind us that it has a presence there and also has ambitions for its Iranian operations.

Following the launches of the Logan Pick-up and the Sandero in 2015, Renault said that it is working with its Iranian partners to step up cooperation and introduce new models.

For more than ten years, Renault Pars, a joint venture with Iran's two main auto manufacturers, Saipa and Iran Khodro, has enabled the Renault Group to produce nearly 500,000 vehicles in the country.

In 2015, two new vehicles were manufactured: the Logan Pick-up with Iran Khodro and the Sandero with Saipa.

Thanks to the lifting of economic sanctions against Iran on January 16, and as soon as smooth relations have resumed between French and Iranian banks, Renault says it will "considerably intensify operations in Iran and prepare future model releases in association with its two local partners".

"With a market amounting to two million vehicles by 2020, Iran has undeniable potential. Renault has ambitious plans in Iran and advanced discussions are currently underway with Saipa and Iran Khodro to step up our presence, develop our structures and support the automobile sector in Iran," said Bernard Cambier, Director of the Africa-Middle East-India region.

In 2015, Renault Group sales in Iran were up by 56.1% compared to 2014, to reach a total of 51,500 vehicles and 4.8% of market share.