Peugeot is to recall a total of 1,400 of its 206 model in the UK. The reason is an over-sensitive ECU in the side airbag. A total of 41,000 vehicles will be recalled worldwide.

This is a small percentage of the 1.5m 206 models which have been sold worldwide, and of the 120,000 sold in the UK.

The 206 is manufactured in Coventry,UK, as well as at two sites in France. The vehicles affected were produced between June 1999 and March 2000. It is understood that there have been instances of the airbag inflating in European countries although no such accidents have occurred in the UK. The 206 was launched in the UK in November 1998

The company said all owners would receive a warning letter.

Commenting on reports that the Peugeot 406 was being carefully monitored in France because of a tendency to swerve to the right, the Peugeot spokesman denied there had been any reported incidents in the UK and or France.

The UK government is deciding to fund research into the safety of car airbags.