PSA has presented a demonstration electric vehicle based on the Peugeot Partner that uses a fuel cell as a range extender.

The vehicle is the result of a collaborative research programme with Intelligent Energy of the UK, the lead partner in the project.

The vehicle uses an Intelligent Energy 10kWe fuel cell system specifically designed for the vehicle.

Key achievements are cited as:
• The range of the electric vehicle is trebled thanks to the fuel cell to 300km (200 miles)
• The fuel cell is compact enough to fit under the bonnet of a small delivery
• The vehicle can be started at temperatures as low as -20°C

PSA Peugeot Citroën's hydrogen storage system offers the advantage that compressed hydrogen is securely stored in an exchangeable rack, which provides a practical alternative to refuelling at a traditional fuel station.

The project was part funded by the UK government. GBP1.7m was allocated to Intelligent Energy for the design of the fuel system.