PSA Peugeot Citroen is declining to be drawn on widespread reports its new alliance partner GM will produce the C5 at an unamed Opel plant in Europe.

The French automaker is remaining tight-lipped concerning the speculation, which has centred on GM's European division manufacturing a Citroen C5 replacement.

Reports say PSA will move its C5 production to an Opel plant, although which factory this would be in Europe, is not made clear.

"We are not confirming what has been said in the press - we have seen the reports that are circulating," a PSA spokeswoman told just-auto from Paris.

"It is rumours that circulate of course - everyone imagines diverse plans the alliance will have but today PSA is not confirming that."

The spokeswoman noted the joint PSA-GM committee formed in March met regularly either in the guise of an audio conference or in person "several times per month" and is due to announce more findings by this autumn.

"There are some [members] that study common platforms and [others] that study smaller cars for emerging markets. There are some who meet face-to-face - there is a bit of everything," she added.

Further rumours have suggested it is Opel's plant at Russelsheim which could build the C5, which if true, could provide a welcome antidote to other reports circulating that Astra production at the German plant could move in part to the Vauxhall site at Ellesmere Port.

However, the issue is clouded further by a statement attributed last week to Opel CEO Karl-Friedrich Stracke, which appeared to underline the importance of the factory near Frankfurt.

 "The Rüsselsheim plant is the only Insignia plant within the European Opel/Vauxhallproduction network and thus enjoys a unique position," he said.

"It is one of our most modern sites from which we expect further improvements in efficiency."