Porsche wants to step up hybrid drive development and is looking for experts to help it gain expertise in the sector and reduce the fuel consumption of its vehicles.

According to Automobilwoche, the premium SUV and sportscar maker has been advertising for specialist engineers in, amongst other places, the Financial Times.

Porsche already has plans to sell a hybrid version of the Cayenne from 2010, when the second generation model is introduced. The new Panamera is also expected to be offered with a hybrid drive option, although not until at least two years after it is launched in 2009.

Porsche is also working on introducing direct injection for its petrol engines, and using lightweight construction techniques. The Panamera doors are expected to be made partly from magnesium to keep weight down.

Porsche also appears to no longer be ruling out a diesel engine as a possible drivetrain for the Cayenne. It has previously dismissed diesel technology because it adds weight and has torque characteristics deemed incompatible with its cars.