MatrixOne, Inc., a provider of collaborative product lifecycle management solutions for the value chain, has announced that Porsche will implement Matrix10 to manage the development of its products throughout the entire product lifecycle. Matrix10 will replace Porsche's existing legacy Product Data Management (PDM) system and will MatrixOne claims that it will allow the company to respond to the increasing demand for new and highly configured product offerings.

MatrixOne said in a press statement that while Porsche's home-grown, legacy PDM system had proven an excellent success for the last 20 years, the system, however, contained a number of inherent limitations in terms of future requirements on its scalability, global accessibility and missing Web technology.

As a result, the company sought the creation of a PDM backbone system that could be accessed not only by Porsche's own production plants, but by those of its partners and suppliers worldwide. Matrix10 will provide the platform for other company-specific and individually developed applications as well as a homogeneous integration to its SAP-ERP system.

The release added that Matrix10 will 'support the growing trend of complex product configuration in the automobile industry'. Matrix10 will allow Porsche's suppliers to collaborate directly with Porsche's engineering teams via the Internet through the web-based applications inherent in Matrix10. This will enable Porsche to involve external suppliers and engineering partners as early as possible in the design process.