Porsche Consulting has expanded into another country for the first time.

The offshoot of the famous sportscar maker is now one of the 25 largest consulting companies in Germany, and has now established a subsidiary in Italy.

Porsche Consulting Italia will initially employ 10 people at its headquarters in Milan.

Porsche Consulting managing director Eberhard Weiblen said: "In recent years, we have successfully advised a number of renowned companies in Italy and feel that this market still has considerable potential. This is why it will be an advantage for us to be even closer to our customers, so that we can react to their needs quickly and flexibly."

Weiblen's goal is to generate around 10% of sales in the Italian market in future.

To help achieve this, he is trusting in the "pull" of the Porsche name.

"In Italy, a country passionate about racing, our name naturally carries a special weight. Many Italians admire not just our sports cars, but also the processes and methods with which we develop and produce them."

He also considers his company's highly practical approach to be its main advantage.

"We are the only consulting company that exclusively uses methods that have already been proven successful in the [car making] company itself."

The Milan office's customers include Italian companies in the aviation and commercial vehicle sectors, automotive suppliers and the Italian subsidiaries of German corporations.

Porsche Consulting was formed in 1994 following a Porsche company restructure. During fiscal 2005/06 it employed 135 people and made sales worth EUR31.9m.